Hi! I am Kelsey Marchi. (Pronounced Mar-key) I am a wife and a mother of 2 pretty amazing teenagers. I have lived here in Eureka my whole life. My husband of 17 years is a firefighter and contractor. 


I appreciate you considering me to capture some of your baby's first photos. These are the photos that you will never again be able to capture. Your baby will only be this tiny for a short time.  I am honored to be able to capture these moments in time for each and every family. 


With over 9 years of experience capturing newborns, I have photographed more than 700 newborns. I am very comfortable with baby's cues and needs and that is what comes first. I strive for the perfect photos to hang on your wall as art. I work with an assistant to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe. The love I have for these tiny babies is immeasurable. I tell everyone that I have the best "job" on earth. I was also recently voted "Best Photographer of 2018" in the North Coast Journal. 




Thank you for choosing me. 


Newborn photography based in Eureka, CA.


* Photo done by Kimberly Ann Photography *