About me

Hi! I am Kelsey Marchi. (Pronounced Mar-key) I am a wife and a mother of 2 pretty amazing teenagers. I have lived here in Eureka my whole life. My husband of 20 years is a local firefighter and contractor. I appreciate you considering me to capture some of your baby’s first photos. I am honored to be able to capture these moments in time for each and every family. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve loved babies. Always dressing up my baby dolls and cats for photo shoots. I had always wanted to be a baby nurse, like my mom. However, when I got old enough, I realized that snuggling babies was much more my style. With over 12 years of experience capturing newborns, I am very comfortable with baby’s cues and needs and that is what comes first. I work with an assistant to ensure your baby is comfortable and safe. The love I have for these tiny babies is immeasurable. I tell everyone that I have the best “job” on earth.

“Perfection only exists in babies and pastries.”
- Gayle Wray